Greetings Everyone!

We hope this finds you and your family in the best of health and best of spirits.

The challenges that Tribal communities throughout Indian Country are having to face to protect the health and welfare of their People are unprecedented in these modern times.

As Native People, this is not the first time in our history that we have had to face challenges that test our spirit, faith and resiliency. It is these very things that are behind every successful gain in our history.

As a Native owned business with over 30 years of serving Tribes and Tribal Youth programs throughout Indian Country, we have always taken great pride in providing services and products that we design to Empower the people and the communities we serve. 

In our efforts to work with Tribal Leaders to help them protect their community’s during this COVID-19 health crises, we have designed a protective Face Shield that is comfortable, cultural, affordable, lightweight and easy to wear.  

We are honored today to share our NATIVE STRONG Protective Face Shields with you to help you protect yourself and your loved ones from airborne viruses while you are out in public. We also hope our beautiful artwork and positive message stylishly helps you get through these challenging times.

We would be honored to have our NATIVE STRONG Protective Face Shields be a part of your longterm protection for you and your family from the COVID-19 virus for the months ahead. 

Our positive thoughts go out to everyone - and we pray for the day when everything comes back into balance.

Be safe, have faith, cover-up when you're out, practice social distancing - and together we will come through this NATIVE STRONG!

In A Good Way,

Rudy Rojas

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As a Native Artist and Surfer, my connection with nature and my passion for creating art with the purpose of empowering and inspiring other Native People - has been my driving force for most of my adult life.

While I am out in the ocean waiting to catch my next wave, I am always aware of how blessed I am to have the opportunity to connect with nature in such a pure and direct way.

I love to watching a dolphin family swim by me, or watch squadron of pelicans fly by me so close that I can almost reach out and touch them, while they’re riding the updraft of air rushing up the face of the wave they are riding.

Nature is our teacher, if we open our eyes to it. You don’t have to be a scientist to see the connections that Nature shares with humanity. You just have to open your eyes and open your heart to observe the world around you.

As humans, we are much like trees. As with all plants, a tree’s root system is the heart of the tree. Though we only see the trunk, branches and leaves, an entire root system remains unseen, nourishing and taking care of the tree.

Humans are much the same way. Though we have a body that can be seen, our interior well being is at the heart of our growth, mind, body and spirit. What we can learn about life, love and living comes from our internal taking in of the world around us, if we open our eyes to see it.

Just like the trees, adapting to an ever changing environment is, and always has been a matter of necessity. For example, anytime I feel that the challenges in my life are overwhelming - all I have to do is reflect on the challenges my Ancestors had to confront and overcome. This perspective allows me to clearly see that I can both face my life’s challenges, and I can grow from them as well.

This is not the first time in our history that we have had to face challenges that test our spirit, faith and resiliency. It is these very things that are behind every successful gain in our history.

In this moment in time in which are all living, let’s all be safe, have faith, cover-up when you're out, practice social distancing - and together we will come through this stronger!

Blessings to you and your family’s.

Rudy Rojas


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Native Students throughout Indian Country going off to school wearing a NATIVE STRONG Backpack over his or her shoulders.


How Proud they these students will feel, how Empowered they will be throughout each day at school.


We believe our message of Culture, Education and Empowerment can be a transforming vessel of positive change, both culturally and socially.

By designing and producing culturally relevant products which are academic and fashionable, students can take pride in who they are, where they come from and most importantly… where they aspire to go to in Life!

Our NATIVE STRONG Backpacks are perfect for Tribal EDU, TANF, and Empowerment Programs. We offer Tribal discounts, and can even customize your Backpacks with your Tribal Logo for orders of 100 units or more. 

Contact us today and let us know what your programs needs are. We would be honored to work with you to Empower and Inspire our next generation of Leaders.


Large main school organizer compartment with padded lap-top pocket.(fits 15” lap-top)

Large "Native Strong / Eagle Feather" woven logo front patch.

Large front school accessory pocket with "Smoke Signals" woven logo front patch.

9.5” Large “Eagle Feather” print on Backpack spine.

Size: 15.75” x 11.5” x 5.25”

Fabric: 100% 11.8 oz Polyester

Colors: Stone Grey, Sage, Black

Cost per Native Strong Backpack $48.00

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 “The ocean has been one of my greatest teachers in life. In the 46 years of being a surfer, my experiences of traveling throughout the world in search of perfect waves has taught me that life and business share a common path.

"How well you plan for your trip has everything to do with how

successful your journey will be.”


Smoke Signals Marketing & Design

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Our Vision is to Inspire and Empower at-risk, low-income, urban or geographically isolated, Middle-School through High-School Students, onto a path towards higher learning, individual growth and broader social change.

By providing Native Students with a day filled with outdoor mentoring and environmental experiences which ties their own cultural roots into their daily lives, we can help build their self-esteem and a better understanding of their connection to the world around them.

Our “Water is Life - Nature is our Teacher” summer youth program is designed to provide Native Students with a day filled with environmental and cultural mentorship, to help build their self-esteem, as well as reconnect them to their Native Roots in a way that only the ocean can provide.

"Water is Life - Nature is our Teacher" is offers much than just "Surf Lessons." Our goal is to provide "Life Lessons,” to Empower and Inspire our Native Youth Participants.

We believe this experience will be a day your Youth Participants will remember for the rest of their lives, and can also be the Spark which ignites a fire - that can grow into something very positive for them as well.

Our goal is to work with Native American programs such as yours. Providing positive and impactful programs, designed to promote Health and Wellness to the individuals, families and communities your program serves.

By working together, we can help light the path of our next generation of leaders - so they can take pride in themselves and where they come from - and most importantly, where they aspire to go to in life!

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